Talent acquisition teams are lying through their teeth about this moment


Small sample size, admittedly, but almost everyone I know — and I mean guys and gals well-versed in finance, investments, multi-family, commercial real estate, sales, and marketing — are largely being ghosted by talent acquisition teams, or not hearing back for 4–5 weeks from them. This is all at the same time where supposedly “everyone has needs” and “everyone is leaving” and “the work is piling up” and “I don’t know what we should do anymore.” It’s another piece in the “I think the Great Resignation narrative is a sham” puzzle, and also another sign that HR (where talent usually resides, comically) is the biggest joke in most organizations. If everything is chaotic and people are fleeing your shop and you need bodies for tasks, wouldn’t you hit a few callbacks sooner? That’s not what I’m seeing or hearing at all. It also lends some credence to the general idea that the job market runs 17–34 (years old) only, and is mostly designed to get engineers and nothing else.

The entire modern narrative around talent feels like a giant made-up thing for people to wring their hands about.

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