Mistreatment when applying for a job, is this normal?

 So I applied for a job, making coffee for a cafe. I met all of their needs in the application, so I applied.

I got offered an interview, which went well

I then got told to come in again for an abilities test, I was finished after 1 hour

I then got told to come in a few days later for an unpaid trial shift, I was finished in 4 hours

I then sent a message thanking them for the experience and left my contact details, I never heard anything. Is this normal? Seems utterly disgraceful after all of the effort I had to put in.


An unpaid trial shift? This doesn't sound legal but I would check with a lawyer about this.

It's absolutely horrible that they would treat an APPLICANT like this. How do you think they would treat you like an employee?

Do what you can to get paid for the trial shift and look elsewhere. This is not normal, and this management sounds awful. You deserve better.

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