How to make MONEY with NO MONEY


This is one of those topics that deserves an entire big article. You know the one that’s over 15 minutes long. If you’re looking for business ideas, we actually wrote an article on them.

This is not that, this is about what it really takes to move forward from being broke and how to really make money when you have no money.

This is fairly popular among the young members of our audience who have entrepreneurial desires but do not have access to money in order to leverage it for growth.

Guess what kids, you’ve got to work. Because you don’t have money to exchange for goods and services, you have to rely on the only thing you have available —


The only way you make money when you don’t have money is to exchange your time for it. The rules apply if you cut grass for people or if you write code for an app.

There are three types of ways to earn money when you don’t have investments:

  1. Get a job
  2. Build a business
  3. Offer your service in exchange for money

The more valuable your skillset is, the higher the pay you can ask in exchange for your time.

Now it all depends on what the hell you plan to do with that money. If you need quick cash, services for money is your best option. No matter what you consider your position to be, nobody is beneath manual labor.

That’s your starting point…

Need cash? — Drive for Uber

Don’t have a car? — Take away Uber eats or whatever food delivery service is available in your area.

Need money to support yourself, there’s this amazing concept out there that Millennials have struggled to grasp while sipping from their Frappuccino's. When you go into a building, you do what some people tell you to do and then you go home. It’s as easy as that and once every two weeks they give you money.

This innovative strategy is called — Getting A Job.

Why does everyone want money without putting in the work? For some reason, everybody is a starving Entrepreneur these days. Everyone is working on their miracle app or is becoming a social-media influencer on the dime of their parents.

Here’s an important take bit of information —

“Unless you’re getting paid, you’re just playin’ pretend”

The last option is starting a business. Guess what? Most businesses require you to work twice as much as you would in a normal job, without pay for the first two or three years, and in which every cent you make should be reinvested into the company. (If you want to have the slightest chance to succeed)


How do you start a business without money when you’re young?

Early in the day, you go to school. Once you leave school you go to work. Find a part-time job or pay for a service gig in order to support yourself. Then during the night, you work on your business.

Oh… you don’t like what you hear?

That’s because life has probably been easy for you so far. You only had to struggle with one of those things and most of your problems have been taken care of by other people.

Starting a business is a very difficult and demanding process. That’s why —

9 out of 10 businesses fail because people don’t have what it takes and the dedication to make it happen.

If you’re looking for easy money, you’re not going to find it here or anywhere else. The sooner you understand that even the smallest side hustle will require time and effort, the sooner you’ll be off making real progress in your life.

This article is a wake-up call for some of you out there who are broke and looking to score big. You’re broke because you’re probably lazy. Not because of the system or because the rich are getting richer.

But broken is a great place to find yourself when you’re starting out because the only way you can go is — UP!

If you’re serious about this, you need to start taking action. You’re already reading these articles but that’s not going to be enough. You need to both educate yourself and implement what you learn in the marketplace.

Here’s a book we want you to read it’s called — The Power Of Broke by Daymond John.

You might have seen him on Shark Tank or know him as the founder of FUBU. The book tells his story of how he went from waiting tables at Red Lobster, to a 300 million dollar fortune. He goes into detail about the choices he made, what it took to get out of the hood and how much effort it really takes to make it.

At some point, some of his stories and advice will resonate with you and your situation and a click will happen in your mindset and you’ll realize nobody is going to give it to you.

You have to go out there and take it yourself!

We know this probably isn’t the article you were hoping to read but we felt this is the actual info that could make a difference in your life.

Being broke is a part of the journey. Staying broke is a choice.

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