How to help the people of Ukraine: 7 things you can do right now

 On Tuesday, Russia ordered troops into parts of Ukraine, creating one of the biggest geopolitical storms in decades in a move that President Biden called “the beginning of a Russian invasion.” The reaction from governments around the world has been swift, with Russia itself and its biggest companies and richest citizens being hit with economic sanctions. However, those have done hardly anything yet to deter Russia, and many believe Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, won’t stop until his ultimate goal is achieved—taking the capital of Kyiv.

Only time will tell how Putin’s move will impact our future history, but right now the people of Ukraine are suffering. Already Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have been killed and parents are preparing for the worst, sending their children to school with blood type identification stickers in case of bombings.

While most of us feel helpless when confronted with geopolitical machinations of this scale, there are ways you can help the citizens of Ukraine right now. As journalist Jane Lytvynenko pointed out on Twitter, Ukrainians have put together a list of organizations where foreigners can donate, both to help the Ukrainian army and its private citizens. Those organizations include:

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