How Small Companies Get Into Big Media


There is only one way out — to stand out from competitors as much as possible and ensure the greatest number of contacts with the audience. In other words, to catch the eye more often in order to develop trust, and then attach to your brand.

1. Your comments are indispensable

The press secretaries of the deputies like to use this technique, and now the business is gradually adopting this experience. The bottom line is that as soon as some event happens on your profile, you write a small comment and distribute it to the media. It is important to prepare the document as soon as the news breaks, as journalists need up-to-date information.

2. Research and surveys

Conducting local research about the state of the market or consumer preferences is a great idea, especially in times of information hunger. For example, in August, when everyone is on vacation and newsrooms are looking for newsbreaks, you can conduct a survey of your clients and share the results with business media. It is only important that the study is actually conducted, the sample is representative, and the work methodology is ethical and professional.

On the Internet, we often come across headlines such as “The real estate market is set to plummet” or “Professions that will disappear before 2025 have been identified.” Such news is well cited, and, as a rule, such information is initially contained in polls.

3. Product presentation

It is better to see once than to hear 100 times. This rule is especially true today in the age of visual content. It is important for journalists to be able to get to know your product or service. That is why we recommend regular presentations of new products. If your line is not replenished with new items yet, arrange a press tour to the production. Show what your favorite yogurt is made of, how dresses are made, what quality control models are implemented in your factory. Just remember that a tour or product tasting in itself is nothing new. The fact that will be announced as part of your event will make it news. That is, “Company X gave a try to a new yogurt” is not news. But “In Russia, baby food will be produced based on the food of astronauts,

True, if your product is in great demand and has just appeared on the market, you can simply give it to journalists to test, and they will honestly write about their impressions. But in this case, you must be ready to donate a certain number of items to the press and also be one hundred percent sure of the quality of what you produce.

4. From funny to difficult

Previously, the media did not take public posts on social networks and Telegram channels seriously. Today, their creators are being interviewed, contacted for comment, and willingly quoting rumors from new media. Thus, you can sow the information you need through the forum/public / social network. To do this, for example, you can record a video stylized as shooting from a security camera, or you can stage a story in which your product is used in an unusual way and helps solve a particular problem. The main thing is that the viewer does not suspect hidden advertising of your brand — therefore, the name of the product or brand should not fall into the frame. Also, make sure that it is not noticeable that this video is “forcing”, that is, someone is investing in its promotion. Do not wind up too many likes or pay money for reposts.

Ideally, if the video contains the theme of children or animals. However, we recommend limiting ourselves to the second. Since the participation of minors in such events requires parental permission and there are a number of restrictions. Do not forget that the video should be funny, original, and at the same time showcase your product.

5. Do not lie, do not be afraid, but ask

Business today is experiencing difficult times. Companies were on the verge of closing due to self-isolation and other measures. Therefore, one of the most effective methods of getting into the media is letters to officials. If you are a member of an SRO, labor union, or other non-profit organization, it is best to write on their behalf and ask for benefits for the entire industry. If this is not possible, contact on behalf of your company. We only recommend asking for something adequate in advance. What your colleagues in the shop really need and what hypothetically they can give you. It doesn’t really matter if you get benefits or not. The main thing is that such an initiative will get into the press and will be discussed, and you will be in the spotlight.

That is why the attitude towards artists who ask for privileges is always twofold. On the one hand, we are used to reading the news about their fabulous apartments and obscenely expensive cars, so we find it funny to see such people walking towards the state with outstretched hands, portraying the poor. On the other hand, those ministers of culture who are not so successful have been hit hard by the crisis, and many have been left without work. Satisfying such requests would give them new hope and help them stay in the profession. It is for them, one might say, that famous musicians and actors are asking for, breaking the hype, hatred, but most importantly, being in the spotlight and, in general, doing a good deed.

6. Do good, throw into the water, and watch the information flow

Charity as an informational occasion was tested by pharaohs and kings. There are still legends about the generosity and mercy of the powerful of this world, although many of them have been buried in sarcophagi for thousands of years.

With business, everything is simpler: you do not need to scatter money or distribute buckwheat (especially since this is already bad manners). But it’s a great idea to donate funds to save wild animals, finance the opening of a sports field, or negotiate an increased scholarship for students at a university that produces specialists your company needs. It is only important to arrange a solemn event on the occasion of such activity and invite journalists to it. Ideally, if the event is tied to a high-profile date — the founding of the university, the anniversary of the department, the day of the wild animal, and so on.

Local officials, deputies, public figures can be involved in such actions. They will give even more weight to your event and make it interesting for a wide range of media. In return, partners receive their share of citations in the media.

7. Build your media with news and analytics

More and more entrepreneurs, who were previously considered inaccessible, are now becoming quite accessible for communication. The top officials of large companies willingly run their Telegram channels, where they share the latest news of their organizations, ask for advice and propose new measures to regulate the industry.

You, as the main person of your company, can also run a channel in Telegram. It is only important to regularly buy advertising and provide interesting information. Don’t forget to quote more influential channels as well, especially people you want to partner with or get as a subscriber. One of the goals of such activity is to attract journalists as readers. Then you don’t have to send your comments to the media or write news for them. You can simply publish the necessary information in your Telegram, from where it will be snapped up by traditional media.

Life after fame

For many who first encounter marketing, after reading this article, the question may arise: “How to monetize publications in the media?” My agency Konnov Media is regularly contacted by people who do not quite understand why they need PR. They do it, “because it’s the same with competitors” or “because we have already grown to this level.” This approach is not entirely correct. There are several ways to monetize PR activities relatively quickly.

1. Contextual advertising

You can set up contextual advertising for those people who have read materials about you. That is if the name of your company is mentioned on the media page, then in the advertising block on the same page, the reader can be shown a large banner with information about the company.

2. Video ads

If your article went well and some blogger on YouTube drew attention to it while reviewing the news, then you can run a YouTube video ad for this particular video so that each of its viewers sees your non-skippable pre-roll (15 seconds at the beginning of the video, which everyone has to watch).

3. Be a speaker

If a person often appears in the media, he is more likely to be hired on a non-commercial basis as a speaker at conferences, involved in supervisory and board of trustees, and a priori more trust in him.

4. Own course

The fourth way to monetize is to create your own course or training marathon. Here, of course, the niche is super-competitive and teeming with scammers. But a professional will be able to stand out due to materials in the media and his media exposure.

5. Ratings

The fifth way to monetize your PR activity is participation in ratings. The compilers of such documents in 90% of cases take into account your citation in the media. The higher it is, the better your position in the selection. And you can call those big checks to your customers, motivating them with your rating and professional achievements.

6 Opinion Leader

You yourself can become a kind of blogger or POL (public opinion leader), and you will already be offered to do broadcasts or interviews on a commercial basis. Whether you agree to them or not is up to you.

7. Intangible assets

Another point — all your interviews, publications in the business media affect the value of the organization’s intangible assets and, first of all, the company’s brand. They are taken into account when an organization enters an IPO or sells a business. If a company is traded on the stock exchange, then the information coming from its management is always considered by investors under a microscope. If you have a good quarterly report or a great scientific study, that’s great, but the market may have been expecting better numbers or data. As a result, your company’s shares sank … That is why it is always important to give correct information about yourself and do it as quickly as possible.

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