Last year, barely two months into my service year, I got a side gig as a virtual assistant where I currently help manage a Chinese restaurant social media page for a good sum of money.

Now, I was just a Corp member with no previous social media management experience. My Instagram page was a mess (lol).

I had no idea of where I was to start, what I’d do, and my first instinct was to reject the offer and settle for the miserly 33k I was receiving monthly because it was comfortable. My phone was bad (it was a four years old model infinix phone), my laptop was undergoing repair, so, I almost rejected it.

Being a virtual assistant was scary but I accepted the job and started learning, reading everything I could about being a social media Virtual assistant, and combining it with my 9–5. The experience I’ve gathered in my VA job got me another gig as a full-fledged social media manager for another food vendor on Instagram.

It wasn’t until I started that I realized that Virtual assistants are in high demand and you don’t necessarily need to have experience for you to get offers that will help supplement your regular source of income.

And if you have none, being a VA can serve as a source of income especially if you are

  1. A student
  2. A 9–5 worker
  3. Stay at home Mum
  4. A novice

The good thing about being a Virtual assistant is that you need just

  • your phone
  • a good internet connection. (I managed with my kpalasa phone until I could get a better phone using the money I earned from my VA job.)
  • A desire for financial independence.
  • A zeal to keep learning

If you’re just like me and you for the criteria above, I’d recommend you watch this short video that really helped me and many others begin our journey on HOW TO BECOME A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT by Damilola Amotsuka, a Professional Virtual Assistant and stay at home Mum.

In this video, you’d learn

  1. Who a Virtual assistant is?
  2. Skills needed to be a successful Virtual assistant
  3. How to land your first client as a virtual assistant
  4. How to price your VA services
  5. How to earn six figures overtime as a Virtual assistant.

Click the link below to watch this FREE video

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