COVID pushes teachers to pivot careers


Teachers are leaving the education workforce at a rapid clip, according to new LinkedIn data.

Rates of attrition among educators are 66% above pre-pandemic levels.

As Axios has reported, many teachers are retiring or quitting the profession due to pandemic-era stress, and universities aren't minting new ones fast enough.

  • Many of those who quit are enrolling in courses and training regimens as a way to switch careers.
  • The careers that teachers are migrating toward include software engineer, administrative assistant, real estate agent, behavioral health technician, and salesperson, according to LinkedIn's research.

 The dire shortage of teachers is already pushing school districts to take steps like asking parents to volunteer to fill classroom gaps.

  • The squeeze will continue if state and local governments don't figure out how to address burnout among working teachers and attract new talent to the profession with perks like free tuition and benefits.

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