Will resign to one of my former close friends tomorrow (current boss) who screwed me out of $70k

 Currently in NYC. Had a job offer earlier this year in LA paying significantly more. Went to my boss who’s a good friend of mine and asked him to beat it or else I’d have to take the other role. They did and I was really happy because I love my job.

2 weeks ago sat down for my annual review and to talk over my bonus. The annual review went great but when it came to my bonus he said since I got such a big raise that should count as my bonus (which this year would have been ~70k-ish). I told him that’s ridiculous but he’s adamant about it. Was a really difficult and awkward convo since he’s my friend but he wouldn’t budge.

Reached out to my network and got incredibly lucky with another opportunity. Complete black swan event with the timing and everything and was able to secure an offer last week. I’ll be making double what my base is now and the bonus would probably be more than double what my current should’ve been.

I know I’m screwing the firm offer by quitting now because I’ve handled our year-end processes for several years now and I’ve honestly been kind of shitty about documenting how I do it (I’ve done zéro documentation). Oh well. Starting a new gig the following week so won’t be giving 2 weeks' notice either.

Having trouble sleeping since I’m so excited and nervous for tomorrow.

Update: mini update before I actually resign since I’ve gotten some PMs asking. Sorry I won’t say what my specific job is. Kind of a niche job/industry and I’d rather not talk too much about it. Let’s just say I’m in finance.


Either this is some sort of commission-based bonus, or this person is in a pretty high-value corporate role.

I work for a software company, and my bonus has always been a pretty high salary percentage (based off of business performance). Base offer of 10% of salary that fluctuates based on how the business does (we usually perform at like 135% of our goal, so the bonus ends up being like 13%).

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