What are the 5 drawbacks of remote life?


Well, it is indeed as amazing as it looks at the photos. However, although I love everything about my life, I must admit that I don't think it's for everyone. A few drawbacks might be a no-go for some people, and I find it fair to share them.

You might be surprised that I don't list a lack of contact with friends and family. Let me explain it with a simple question: Honestly, how often do you meet your close people who live in the same country or city? I mean those you call 'family' or 'friends'?

When you move away, you get to know tons of new people. I don't say whether they are worse or better than those you have known for years. You don't lose those who you met before. They will still be there, just a little far from you. That's it. It's a new age. Just open WhatsApp and schedule a call. It has never been easier, faster, and cheaper. If you really want, you can resolve even the distance problems.

What are some things you might consider before going fully remote, traveling the world:

  1. You're away from your family. For some people, family is just the number one priority. If you do not plan to take them with you, consider visiting places with good flight connectivity to their home. However, same as with friends — that's no issue today to install WhatsApp on your parents' phone. I email my grandfather regularly. I think we have an even better relationship this way, and we're in touch much often. (It's sad but honest.)
  2. You have to be fully independent. Well, if you cannot start your washing machine without your mum, I have bad news for you. There is no 'travel agency for nomads.' It's kinda expected you're able to search for information, flights, accommodation, translation, all the services you need all around the world… Including the taxation obligations. Yay! You're a big boy/girl already.
  3. Over time you might feel you miss a place you call 'home.' One day, you overeat different 'traditional food' every week, tasting local red wine at the beach and sunsets at the sea coasts. I know it sounds unbelievable, but after some time, you might feel you want to have that one lovely place with your favorite cup and duvet. It doesn't mean you have to go back to the country you were born. However, you might consider becoming one of the ex-pats in a foreign country and staying longer. That's another research and task to do. However, do not expect that there's one best country in the world.
  4. It can get stressful. This depends on how often you travel. However, if you change your accommodation every week or few days, you get lost in time, and the organization can get messy and stressful. The unknown, missed flights, current regulations in each country, and accommodation that looks different from the photos — been there, done that. Constant discomfort shapes you, but it's tiring. Btw. Good luck with your habits. They're just built easier in a stable environment.
  5. You can get helpless if there's something wrong at home. Grandparent in hospital, ill mother, best friend in need of your help… These things do not happen often. But they happen. Of course, you can order most items online today and resolve most stuff like this; however, you lack physical contact and cannot help your mum cure or help her with cleaning home online. On the other hand — most of those people are already adults and can handle things on themselves—no need to overthink problems that do not exist.

Remote work life provides incredible freedom. It enables you to travel the world while fulfilling your work duties and self-actualization. It means tasting local pastry, enjoying the pool or different beaches after the shift, exploring local mountains while working in the evening, and much more. Travels enable you to meet more like-minded people and get to know yourself a little better. By expanding your comfort zone, you may get more zen. It's enriching, boosting, and simply amazing. Despite all this, I think that it's worth mentioning that it's never just a 100% dream-alike.

If you know that you can handle all this, then:

  • give away things you do not need,
  • give notice from your flat,
  • pack your things,
  • buy your one-way ticket.

See you in Georgia or somewhere else :)

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