Two Pieces of Advice from LeBron James to Inspire Your Own Greatness

 I have to admit that professional athletes have never been my number one source of inspiration.

Yes, I enjoy watching them perform at their best, and I’m often left in awe by their incredible abilities and skills in whatever game they’re playing. It’s almost like watching something superhuman at times. The Olympics have always fascinated me for this reason. Humans are capable of absolutely amazing things.

LeBron James Doesn’t Need an Introduction

1. Create a Legacy That’s Bigger Than Yourself

2. Don’t Let People’s Interpretations of You Define You

Nobody Is Who You Think They Are

“Being a champion is not something you accomplish once, and that’s it, you’re done. It’s a way of thinking that I walk around with, and it affects how I approach my work, my game, and my life. Being a champion is a mindset.”

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