Past 25

You’ve certainly felt your life rush at some point after 25. It is already a quarter a century, life feels like a rushing stream, and events seem to be slipping through your fingers. It’s been a decade and some years and oh, was that your back cracking?

Your youthful desires have begun dying down. It’s the age where you get the rude awakening. Your friends are making giant leaps yet your life feels like it is getting paid to drag on painfully slow.

This shift is something that can be attributed to the need to move. You are exiting a stage where your responsibilities were in someone else’s hands. From an economic perspective, and not unless you were born soaked in riches, you are on your own.

But what's there to do? You are in your prime and what's more sensible to do than to collectively put your efforts into something more promising. Something like a career.

It is genuinely plausible to be committed to something that gives a promise.

While some are lucky to begin their careers in their teens, when you start, if you haven't, is not really important. Your career is your life project. And while the sooner you get down to it the better, here are a few nuggets;

Making the right career choice can never be understated. Having something you enjoy doing as a career can not only prove productive but also make life a little more bearable. What’s worse, working in a high profile job that feels a lot like slavery or working in a fairly good income job dealing with things you love? You decide.

Consistency is key. In terms of progress, no matter how little, over time and cumulatively, they all sum up to something substantial. Never be too shy to celebrate your small wins. Whichever the field, there are skills to learn. And if all the skills have been acquired, one can always inch closer to perfection.

Who you interact with influences your growth. This is why associating with people who grow your career is important. Simply put, your network is your net worth. Like-minded people will interactively bombard you with ideas, connect you with opportunities and even share better prospects.

Staying motivated can be the biggest hurdle. With everything get thing thrown at you, it is easy to just ‘chill’. Here’s a correlation of motivation with people you interact with. A company that tends to morally derail you will have your output dwindling while the right company will push you to be your better self, professionally.

Things likely to derail your career progress include inconsistency, wrong career choices, lack of motivation, and keeping the wrong company. Shed off unnecessary weight, cut off company that pulls you down. You are a ship on course braving a storm, what you need is to stay afloat and if need be, shed weight.

My two cents.

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