Lied about getting another offer, hr wants to see my offer letter. What should I do?

So for the last three months, I took over my boss’s role since he took a 4-month leave. I have been managing everything and 2 days ago, I talked to my boss about getting a raise and promotion. He tried giving me the runaround and said he could try for approval in March. I then lied and said I need to know asap if promotion and raise were possible because if not, I am going to another company that was gonna pay me x amount. He called me today and said he wants to see the offer letter from the other company before they give me the raise. Can they do that? Should I make a fake document? I am thinking about just leaving now because it seems like they can afford to pay me and promote me, but they just don’t want to do it. I’d be grateful for any advice. Thank you.


I decline to share who offers are from and those documents. I am however very candied about minimum compensation needed and willing to share offer details so we can work out compensation that is fair to both sides.

Script; "I am not comfortable sharing that information, any more than I would share this company's information with a competitor. I can tell you some details of the offer. The base salary is X, sign on Y, (and any additional needed details)"

Reiterate your excitement about the current offer and the chance to work with this new company. Say you are looking for something that is fair to both you and the potential new company. Be kind and collaborative.

Good luck!

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