It Works: Change The Trajectory of Your Life In 1 Month

 It Works, by RHJ. The famous little red book that makes your dreams come true. Skeptical? I was too.

A month ago my brother introduced me to this book. What a month it has been since then.

As I look back, it is unfathomable how different my life, and more importantly my trajectory is today versus December 8th when I finally sat down to read this book.

In this article, you will learn how to implement this clear, definite, common-sense plan for self-fulfillment in just a few minutes.

A few minutes to learn, a few to implement, and a lifetime of benefits to reap.

While simply reading this article, book or audiobook may lead to some form of impact on your life, the true life-changing impact comes from implementing and following the simple 3 step plan outlined below to a T.

“The author sent the manuscript of this book for criticism to a friend, who returned it with the notation. ‘It Works’. This judgment born of experience was adopted as the title of the book” — Publisher

You owe it to yourself to implement this practice for a month. Trust me.

The Philosophy

“All who would win must share it, happiness was born a twin.” — Byron

This book was written by a highly successful man, who wished to remain anonymous. Only asking to be known as RHJ.

RHJ compares his methodology to radio waves. To tune into and receive the signal you are looking for, you must first know what station you are looking for.

These stations are your goals, to achieve them, you must know what they are.

Simply: If you know what you want, you can train your subconscious to present it to you.

Define Your Goals

Compile a list of the things that you really want, no matter how large and seemingly impossible.

Do not be afraid of wanting too much.

Do not focus on how these goals will come to fruition, focus on what you want and how badly you want it.

Be hyper-specific. If it is money you are after, set dollar amounts, set deadlines, by the end of this month I want “x”.

Deadlines are an important measure of how committed your subconscious truly is.

Do not set a deadline that you don’t believe in, this is setting the goal up for failure. Instead, pick a deadline that seems plausible to you and your subconscious.

Now, sort the list in order of their importance to you.

Separate the top five goals from the rest, these are where you will focus most of your energy, thought, and therefore action.

Having five main goals prevents you from feeling overwhelmed. While the remaining goals enter a queue, you still attract and manifest these goals, but you acknowledge that they will come in due time.

As you attain your goals one by one, your belief in the process grows alongside your ambitions.

There were things on my list that I was unsure of at first, but in time these goals became reality, and now my trust in the system is even greater.

Cement Your Goals Into Your Reality

Here, we have the heart of this method.

Look at your list of goals three times a day, every single day.

Don’t just read the list though, get excited by it, feel what it would be like to already have each goal completed, edit it, reword parts as you see fit, add and subtract from it as your accomplishments and desires evolve.

Actively engaging with your goals will bring them to the forefront of your mind, and your actions. It’s kind of hard to get sidetracked from your goals if you’re reading them three times a day.

I engage with my list after my morning routine, at 3 pm, and before my evening routine at 9 pm. I use My Perfect To-Do List to remind me, via recurring tasks.

My medium of choice is a digital notetaking app, as it allows me to have my list wherever I go, and allows for easy editing and reorganizing. But you could use any medium for yours.

As you achieve your goals, I like to have an archive section, where completed goals go, simply titled “It Works”. If you are like me and struggle with perfectionism, being able to see all of the goals you already attained can help with motivation.

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Protect Your Goals Like Your Life, They Soon Will Be

Nothing kills your motivation like someone shutting down your dreams before you can achieve them.

Reality is subjective, something that you want from life may be impossible for someone else, depending on their upbringing, what they expect from life, and their worldview.

When you tell someone about your goals, they can take this as a threat to their own identity. “Why don’t I have these aspirations” they may ask themselves. And frequently the answer to the question is because they think it is impossible to achieve grand results.

These people will try to dissuade you, saying you should taper your expectations, be more “realistic”, to protect their own reality.

This clash of egos can leave people discouraged and stuck in their current life. Especially if the naysayer is someone close to them, and they care what they think.

You never know what reaction someone will have to your goals, so it is better to err on the side of caution and focus on your own expectations and reality because they are the only things you can change.

Protect your goals like your life, because they soon will be.

I don’t even explain this book to anyone in conversation, especially when I first read it. If you want to pass this information on to a loved one, share the eBook, audiobook, or my article ;).

I have achieved so much with this knowledge that my faith in the process is immense, and I am at the point where sharing it will only bring positives to my life, and hopefully to yours!

A Word From The Author

As you can see, this process takes work. But what you put in, you will get out.

Return to this article to brush up on your skills or re-activate your motivation every month or so.

You could also use the eBook to cement the process into your conscious mind, and the Audiobook to cement the process into your unconscious mind if you feel so inclined.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope that it helps you

I truly want to help people with my writing, and knowing that people are finding my work inspiring fuels my passion.

Please follow, “clap”, and leave a comment if you enjoyed the article, I love interacting with my readers!

I hope you have a wonderful day,
- Forrester

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