I'm equally interested in two careers, what are my options? Can you suggest what might help me to decide what to do? An advice from scientist would be great.


Hi, I'm 21 y. o. currently in my second year of law school. I've decided, that I want to study law when I was 14. It's interesting, brain-teasing (which I love), and philosophical. I enjoy it and I have no wish to end my studies. However, ever since I was a little child I wanted to study the universe and to become an astronomer. I thought, that it was just something every child does (and maybe it is), but that thought stuck with me. I hoped that once I'd begin studying law it would disappear, but it's still there and as strong as it always was. I'd say I have the predispositions at an equal level for studying law and astronomy. I had good grades and enjoyed law, math,s, and physics at high school.

So now I'm torn. What should I do? I don't think I can handle studying law and physics at once without going crazy or having no free time. Moreover, given the very different and distant nature of those subjects, I don't find any practical use in studying both. So I feel under pressure, that I have to choose one and abandon the other for good, which I don't want to do.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I feel like if I abandon one of them I'd regret it forever.


Figure out what work is available/possible for astronomers. Seems like it could be an exciting field. Plenty of lawyers around, not too many astronomers. Your focus atm is how much study you can handle. Take a moment to picture your work life in ten, fifteen years. Think about and research the career opportunities. Figure out which one will hold your interest (and pay well enough) for years, day in and out at what sort of job.

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