I put in my two weeks notice but my retail job still has me on the schedule for days after my final day of work..


For context, this past Tuesday I put in my two weeks notice in writing, stating that my last day would be two weeks from then, and I would not be able to come in after that final day, and the management was fine with it (I am starting a new job (and an internship), and they want me to start working right away, but I told my new job that I would give two weeks notice first as a courtesy). However, I just checked my schedule for next week, and I am still on the schedule for days after when my final day is supposed to be. What do I do here? Why did they do this when I clearly stated that I would not be there after my final day?


1, not your problem

2 remind the person in charge of scheduling if you want to be nice but this is optional. See point 1

3 on your last day say your goodbyes, hand in any id badges or vests or supplies that you shouldn't be taking with you, and remind your supervisor that you won't be in for any other shift. If you are still on the schedule or the supervisor tries to start something see point 1

4 ignore all calls from the store for 1 week after your last day.

Honestly, it might just be someone lazy at their job. I used to do scheduling (not for retail, so it might be different), and sometimes if schedules changed I'd legit just forget to put it in my system if it wasn't told to me in writing. Because honestly I sucked at that job and was completely unorganized. It could be a simple mistake. Just remind them, and I agree that if they're dicks about it, not your problem. Turn in your shit and never look back.

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