I got fired when I asked my boss questions about my position. Do you think this is sketchy/illegal?

 I’m at a loss for words, I spoke in this sub before. To keep a long story short, I got fired after I asked my boss why my position was changed out of nowhere that pays me less (found out through Workday) as well I asked for a contract in writing about my new position. I’m livid. I feel like there is something really wrong with this place. Any thoughts on this?


Reach out to HR. Doesn’t sound like this is legal. No way he can fire you on the spot without clearing it with HR. Unless of course you flew off the handle or were super disrespectful in your approach. Even then I’ve terminated people and they still got paid for 2 weeks after I let them go to avoid any legal issues.

You don't say where you are, but in any state except Montana, this is totally legal. In Montana, it's still probably legal, because they are going to frame it as insubordination, but you have a better chance of it not being legal.

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