How does HR live with themselves? Seriously, have they no soul? So manipulative.

 I'm reviewing emails for legal action I've taken against a former employer who screwed me over. And I am noticing a trend.

It is almost laughable how much HR pretended to be "nice" in email time after time, for one single goal: To get me on the phone. (And stay off the record).

Each time I refused, they changed their tune dramatically.

The amount of manipulative behavior is starting to take its toll. They are clearly practiced, manipulators. It makes it all feel much more personal.

This issue should have been resolved long ago. Obviously, they are hoping I give up.

If you ever have troubles with a company, I advise you to get everything well documented in writing. Do not get on the phone.

I wonder sometimes how would HR feel if I screwed with them in the same way? Maybe affecting their job or personal life? This issue affects me personally. There needs to be some accountability for HR personally and not just their company.

All I can do is wait and see at this point and hope to help others who deal with adversarial HR situations.

As employees, we really need a site like Glassdoor but for HR pros and recruiters to out them with vetted verified info by name.

I'm just done with it all...


Start phone call like this. “I am recording this phone call for my personal record. If you do not want to be recorded we can communicate via email” proceed to record the phone calls.

HR isn't in the best interest of the employees. They are in the best interest of the company. Most of the time having their strings pulled by higher management.

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