Getting an accounting online job after 79 years of age



I wanted to ask an HR specialist about the likelihood of an older accountant getting an accounting job at 79 years of age in the US. Also, this person has not worked in the US that much and does not have an accounting degree from a US college or CPA cert, but from a university outside the US. He does have international accounting experience though and does understand well US-GAAP accounting standards.

Just as a reference, he speaks well English and has experience working in several 4big companies; like EY, KPMG, and several big banks like Citigroup . In early 2000 he was CFO of the BNP Paribas bank in Lima| Peru and has worked outside Peru in Dubai as CFO for several banks n 1990.

Currently, he is still working in accounting for some New Zealand clients in Peru, so he is up to date on international accounting standards.

I was writing this email because he would like to get a simple accounting job in the US in Los Angeles online, in the range of 65,000 or lower, but he didn't have that much experience in the US and doesn't have a CPA cert. I would simply like to know how likely it would be for him to get a job offer at his age from an HR perspective in the US. just FYI, he does have a residence in the US, so he is able to work in the US.

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