Decent jobs for people with low IQ?

 I took an IQ test in high school and I scored around 80, which is below average. I struggle in retail and fast-food jobs. Anything that's fast-paced, I keep underperforming at. I took an office internship one time. I tried to do my best but I kept making mistakes and forgetting what to do. I was asking the same question again about separating files of paper from one another and my boss got mad. Later on, I quit because I felt useless. I have been at my current job, which is retail for one whole year and I am still underperforming. It takes me a long time to grasp certain things on the job. I learn slower than my peers. I am studying business in college right now. My city is expensive and I need to survive. I am scared because I don't how I will survive in this world. I perform way too slow compared to my other coworkers, which sucks. I take too long to get my tasks and things completed. Looking for another job now is very hard and I don't know what to do.


Check out something which has a very strong routine, working in a production line for example. You might find that you thrive in a situation that has repetitive tasks.

What skills do you have? (focus on these!) if you drive you could work in haulage or deliveries.

Do you have any hobbies? For example, if you like to work out maybe work at a gym.

I think you have been pretty honest with assessing things you aren't good at, which is a great thing there are many people who are too proud to admit their shortcomings. There are ways to help yourself with your shortcomings too. If you find yourself asking the same questions at work then maybe taking notes and then organizing notes into flowcharts might help. You may be better off with a position that only has a specific set of tasks with limited variability.

There have to be some things you are good at though and you need to be honest with yourself about that and start from there. Are you good at talking to people (based on these replies you seem to be doing well talking to some very mean people in a reasonable way)? When I hear "it takes me longer to complete a task than my peers it shows that you complete tasks even when they are difficult to you and don't give up.

Figure out things you are good at and situations that may be better for you and pose questions to others about what jobs are like that.

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