Boss asking me to stay

 I was asked to take over managerial responsibilities a few months ago after our manager left the company. The deal was that I would do the job for a bit and if I didn’t like it I would be put back into my old position. A month past and in a meeting I said that I didn’t think I was a good fit for the job. I was pretty much told that since I’m the only one that knows all our systems that I’m stuck here. I was never given a raise or a title change. I recently found another job paying a lot more with tons of benefits. I gave my two weeks and now my manager wants to have a meeting to discuss growth opportunities within our company. Should I decline the meeting or at least hear what they have to say?

I do feel guilty because no one else knows how to do my job and I only gave a 2-week notice. I know it will make things harder on my co-workers.


You don’t like the position, you gave them two weeks' notice, unfortunately, if they realized how valuable you were to them they would have given u a title and raise. I would just say thank you but this other position is a better fit.

You can hear what they said, but should still leave. It's natural to feel guilty. I felt the same when leaving previous companies. It's not your fault that your company is short-staffed, but your employer's.

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