4 of the Best Cities in America for Digital Nomads


By Naomi Johnson

With the digital nomad lifestyle becoming more popular, you'll want to look at some of the best places to go if you’re looking to travel and work around America. Below, JobAdvisor shares four American cities that are ideal destinations for digital nomads. These include cities where you can easily immerse yourself in the culture while also working on your laptop.

Boston, MA 

Boston is one of America's most historic cities. If you want to learn about American history, it's a great place to visit. If you're looking for an artsy city, Boston has that too. With multiple museums and art galleries along with plenty of other cultural attractions, Boston gives culture seekers their fair share.

It's a creative city that offers plenty of activities to occupy your downtime. The cost of living there is surprisingly low, and thanks to Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city and a thriving coworking space community, you won’t have trouble finding a workspace.

If you want to live in an urban space with historic charm, move to Beacon Hill; if you want a more suburban experience with access to great public transportation, try Cambridge.

Tempe, AZ

Tempe, Arizona, is a great location to travel through, with its large, beautiful vistas and good weather. The state also has a large tech presence, and Tempe in particular has become a hub for entrepreneurs, including those working in video games and technology. There are plenty of places to work from like coffee shops and coworking spaces. There’s a Starbucks with free Wi-Fi around every corner, so you'll always be able to get tasks done.

Searching for apartment rentals in Tempe is easy when you use sites like Rent.com and select rentals within your budget. You can also look for pet-friendly places, find the number of rooms you need, and save time finding a place to suit your needs.

Boise, ID

Digital nomads looking to relocate often choose Boise, Idaho, as their destination. The cost of living is quite low, making it easy to live comfortably on a relatively small income. The weather here is great year-round; there’s no chance you’ll get snowed in by a blizzard or swelter in the summer heat when you need to work. You can rent a house, apartment, or condo in Boise for just $500 to $600 per month.

Denver, CO

Denver has a booming tech industry. It’s also filled with friendly, laid-back people who enjoy relaxing during their time off by going to local breweries or exploring nature. Coworking spaces like Galvanize provide a great place to network, collaborate and build relationships in your field.

For those looking to escape city life, it’s just a short drive up into the mountains where you can hike trails or get some skiing in at Winter Park or Mary Jane. The Mile High City is a phenomenal place to work remotely and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. The cost of living is good when compared to other U.S. cities, and internet services are affordable.

Quality of Life

No matter which city you choose, be sure to consider the most important things when thinking about living as a digital nomad. Internet connectivity, cost of living, and quality of life are all major factors.

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