Bosses, Here’s What Your Team Needs From You Today

 Co-authored by Johnathan Nightingale

Find some burst capacity

Take a look at your calendar and imagine a bucket of water. Every existing thing on your calendar is an amount of water in the bucket. Staring down a wall of seven-minute Zoom meetings? We’re gonna call that 100% full.

Know your people might be raw

Bosses, you are gonna get this one wrong. And it’s not your fault. But you should be aware.


We need our boss to lead. We need that every day, but especially today. We need you to connect the dots, see us where we are, and remind us that there’s meaning to the work we do. Easier said than done, we know. But if you’re not sure how to start, here’s a template:

  • Remind everyone of the support available. Is time off an option? Is deferring deadlines is an option? Do you have benefits that support mental health? Are you able to open up office hours or just be in an open call for people to drop in? You can’t accurately predict who will need these reminders, so give them to everyone.
  • Last, and this is the hardest part: Give us a sense that you get it. And, ideally, that the company does, too. This is the hardest because you might not, or the company might not, and it won’t help to fake it. But if you do, we need to hear that. Companies are made of people and it matters a lot to know whether those people get it or not.

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