6 Signs You Are in the Right Company


With this new working from home reality, I've noticed lots of people proudly posting their onboarding kits on LinkedIn.

Besides the usual equipment, I've seen employees receiving welcome boxes with branded stuff like t-shirts, a notebook, and water bottles.

Although a nice touch, would this be enough to make it clear whether a company cares about its employees at all? What's more, would this be a clue if a company walk the talk?

As I recently started on a new job, I’ve read loads of articles about how to make a good first impression on my first week, which led me to realize that I had never put some thoughts on what companies do to impress new hires.

Most frequently than not, during the hiring process, companies sell themselves as heaven on Earth, only to shatter our dreams shortly afterward. I doubt you've never felt this way.

Because of that, since day one I kept my eyes peeled for clues that could tell me if the company that hired me was living up to their promises. Once again, I resorted to one of my mother’s teachings: value attitudes, not promises.

First things first: they were very professional since my first interaction with their recruiter. So far, so good.

Moreover, it struck me that they didn't bat an eye at the decision to move every single employee to remote working at the beginning of the pandemic. Everyone I talked to on those first days mentioned this feat as the company had no WFH policy in place at all.

As someone who's been super wrong about companies in the past, paying attention to these early signs was reassuring about my decision to accept the offer.

No doubt these are erratic and stressful times and jobs are not easy to find; however, we must be vigilant about companies' attitudes and be protective of our careers. If we don't do it, someone else will.

Next time you start a job, look for early signs that warrant some certainty about your decision. In the long run, this will save you time and energy to look for the right one.

Below, I listed out six things my new company did that delighted my colleagues and me; so far, it has given me the certainty I longed for — they do walk the talk.

I hope it opens your eyes to important signs that can help you identify whether your new company is right for you. Good luck!

Effective Remote Hiring Process

Since the first call, I realized how structured the recruitment process was. The person in touch with me was clear about the next steps and always returned to me quickly with feedback. In total, I had calls with three different people, but it wasn't daunting because I knew what to expect.

Proactive Recruiter

The recruiter was always available and promptly answered all my questions. I had an open channel, and when I had inquiries about benefits, my contract, and other bits, I didn’t feel uneasy about asking him.

Also, I didn't need to worry about anything. Well ahead of my starting date, the recruiter arranged equipment delivery, sent my login details, and set up meetings with relevant people.

Company Welcome Pack

Before my starting date, I received a Welcome Pack containing the company's brand book and a lovely presentation with all the information I need to know to have a great first week. From details about payroll to my first-week schedule, it was all there.

Strategy to Introduce New Employees

Since the company has gone 100% remote, they send a questionnaire to new hires that get sent out to the company on their first day. It's interesting because they mix personal and professional questions — it ranges from what we like to do in our spare time to what we hope to achieve in our new role.

Inductions Set Up Ahead

On my first day, I didn’t feel nervous because I had all the induction meetings set up. Different from previous jobs where people didn’t know what to do with me, I knew who I needed to speak to, and people were well prepared to welcome me to the company.

Ask Around

When meeting your new colleagues in your first week, listen attentively to what they have to say about the company. People don’t shy away to share the good and the bad when asked.

For instance, I asked a lot about how the company was handling working from home. They all said they were still adjusting, but thankfully, the feedback was all positive. Also, I was witnessing first hand how organized my onboarding was being.

Final Thoughts

All companies had to adapt rapidly when the pandemic started; especially the ones that didn’t have any WHF policies in place. It's refreshing to learn how some of them care about their employees' safety and well-being.

Employees increasingly pay attention to how companies handle hiring processes because that's a clue about the way they treat their employees. Also, companies should use the onboarding of new hires to make them feel welcomed, engaged, and part of the team right from the start.

Having an effective hiring process and onboarding can help the company attract talents. Moreover, these thoughtful strategies can boost productivity and lower turnover. People will be engaged and happy to work at a company that values them.

As someone who has wasted time in the past working for companies that didn’t correspond with my values and purposes, these attitudes were crucial for me to assess whether I made the right decision of accepting the job offer.

Jobs aren’t hanging from trees, for sure; however, it gave me peace of mind.

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