Why It is Okay To Push The Restart Button On Your Career Path


Sometimes that dream job is just another new beginning away. Whether the choice is personal, professional, or both, leaping into an entirely different industry than what you are used to can be nerve-wracking. The reasons could be endless — losing a semblance of purpose in work, disillusionment, and more. Pushing the restart button would probably mean starting over again, but there is nothing wrong with making a complete career change if it could be for your betterment and benefit, and maybe in finding your dream job. 

So where do you begin again? Here are some tips to get you started. 

Be realistic about the career change

Take a good look at your skillset: are there any transferable skills that you can add to your current work experience and will make you stand out to your future employer? Starting from scratch may need you to start at the bottom of the career ladder, but working your way up will also earn you new transferable skills to learn along the way. 

Do your research

What can I significantly contribute to the new company? It should be the main question you need to answer during the search for your next career move. What are the requirements of your future employer? At the same time, know if the job you want fits the skill set and capabilities you currently have and see if that job can give you an opportunity for growth to ascend in your career path. 

Save up before the shift 

Jumping ship from your current line of work for most cases may also require revisiting your current lifestyle, because more likely than not, the pay grade will be vastly different from what you used to earn in your previous job. Accept the reality and adjust your means of living immediately if the need requires so you will have one less worry. 

While the current environment proves to be a challenging one due to the pandemic, the uncertainty that comes with this crisis is all the more an opportunity to rethink your career plan. It only proves that while the demand is fluid, it shows that career paths are always changing, and making a career change could be ideal for you moving forward.

Plan and map out the perfect strategy to get that new beginning. Start by updating your JobStreet Profile and add #WorkNow to let employers know that you are immediately available for work. Search jobs on JobStreet and visit the Career Resources Hub for more expert advice and job happiness tips.


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