Why I Will Keep Working Remotely for the Foreseeable Future

 Working remotely is not for everyone. So when (almost) everyone had to start working from home this past spring, many people were in for a shock. However, I had been working from home for over a year at that point, and I’m now at the two-year mark. I’ve been freelance writing over the past two years, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Of course, I enjoy writing, and I like getting to write about different topics. However, I also love the benefits of working from anywhere.

I don’t have to worry about a commute, and I can work in a way that keeps me comfortable. But now with the pandemic, I have a few more reasons to add to that list of why I will keep working remotely.

Here are a few reasons why I don’t see myself getting an in-person job anytime soon.

No Commute

I briefly mentioned this, but I need to say it again. As someone who hates driving and can get road rage, I love not having to commute to work. Not only do I not have to deal with other drivers, but I can also save time.

I can sleep in for an extra half an hour and still start working at the same time. Plus, when I’m done with work, I’m done. I don’t have to push through an annoying commute home.

If the weather is bad, I don’t have to account for more time to get to work. I don’t have to get out early and clear snow off my car. And I don’t have to worry about the city clearing the roads of snow.

Use of Space

If I worked outside of the house full-time, I feel like I would hardly use my space. I’d be paying a lot for rent and utilities on a place I barely use during my waking hours.

But working from home means I can take advantage of my home all day long. Yes, I would love to go to a coffee shop when it’s safe to do so. But I can retreat to my home after a couple of hours and enjoy that sweet home WiFi.

In the mornings, I can start working at my desk. But by the afternoon, I can move to the kitchen table or (god forbid) the couch. While I always strive to be productive, I love getting to make the most of my space.

My Health

A recent addition to this list is my health. I have a few health conditions and am on medications for them that make me high-risk for COVID complications. If I get the virus, I’ll probably have symptoms, and they could get severe.

I’m not willing to risk my health for an in-person job if I don’t have to. Yes, I would probably wear a mask at work. But as pro-mask as I am, I’m also the first to admit I hate wearing one.

If I can work from home without wearing a mask for 8 hours a day, I’ll take that. I can always get some social interaction when I go to the grocery store or get takeout.

I Have Control

When I work from home, I don’t have a boss standing over my shoulder. Yes, I have deadlines from clients or for myself. However, I don’t have to worry about someone watching my every move.

If I finish my work for the day before the day “ends,” then I can stop working. I don’t have to explain myself when I take a longer lunch break or come into work late.

I’ve always been that student who didn’t need to study for hours. I’m very grateful for being able to learn and do things quickly, so I love not having to explain that to a supervisor.

I Feel Productive

Because I have that added control, I am more productive. If I had to go to work for 8 hours but only had 5 hours of work, it would take me 8 hours to do.

I wouldn’t have the same motivation to get stuff done. Or if I did, I would have a lot of distractions from nearby coworkers or team meetings.

While my house has distractions, they’re not as bad. Working from home for two years has taught me to ignore many potential distractions.

You Don’t Have to Like Working From Home

While I don’t plan to go to an office any time soon, I know many people are eager to get back. If you miss that office camaraderie, I understand. There’s something to be said for working with others.

But working remotely doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you can find a routine that works for you, you can get through this weird time.

Soon enough, we’ll be able to go back to our old work routines. And who knows, maybe you’ll realize remote work is better than you thought?

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