Why everyone is talking about this heroic Chick-fil-A employee

Fans of Chick-fil-A are probably already well acquainted with the level of service the chain is so well known for providing. It's not uncommon at all for employees to go above and beyond the line of serving food to customers, and to do it all while saying, "My pleasure." But there's one Chick-fil-A location in Georgia that recently had a situation in which an employee not only excelled but really deserves to be celebrated. 

At a Columbus, Georgia Chick-fil-A on Monday, October 12th, the lunch rush had a rather climactic end rather than a calm close. As it turns out, cries for help were heard coming from an SUV in the drive-thru, just outside of the cashier's window. Apparently, a child was choking and the father was seen rushing to the back of the SUV to try to free the child. But one Chick-fil-A employee came to the rescue and saved the child, thanks to his quick-thinking (via WRBL).

It was Zack Kokenzie, affectionately known as "Cowboy," who saved the child. Kokenzie, who is a trained Eagle Scout and CPR certified, approached the car where the store director, Justin Williams, was already standing alongside the father and another customer who were all working to try to free the child. According to Today, the seat belt had wrapped about the child's windpipe.

With the other kids in the car crying, Kokenzie got a pair of scissors thanks to another employee, Zackary Bullock. Using the scissors, Kokenzie acted quickly and cut the seat belt to remove it from around the child's neck. Once it had been effectively removed, the child was safe and okay. "This could have been far worse, but Zack and others were in the right place, with the right training and the right attitude to potentially save the life of one of our customers," Alex Vann, the store owner, and the operator said in a statement. "We are glad everyone is alright." 

Kokenzie and everyone else involved in the rescue surely deserve praise for their heroic actions.

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