These Mistakes Held My Career Back for Years


We all make mistakes in our journey to be professional photographers. In this video, I have put together the biggest mistakes that I made that have slowed down my career in the hope that you can avoid them

Photography is a tough profession. University degrees don't really give you all of the tools to be successful professionals, and because of the nature of our work, it is a lonely place where we often find ourselves going down the wrong path, but with no one around to point it out to us. This can then lead to great frustrations when we find ourselves ten years down the line and still struggling to make ends meet. 

In this video, I go over the mistakes that have held my professional career back the most, starting out with overworking. With hustle culture being very much in vogue, computers being sat on our laps in the evenings when winding down, and having a phone with internet access 24/7, it can be so easy to overdo things. And this is the first mistake I talk about in this video. I went so far down the rabbit hole of hustle culture that I became so unproductive that I was barely treading water. 

I then look at the other aspects from how I priced my work through to what work I showed people, going over what I did wrong and how I then rectified it to build (in my eyes at least) a successful commercial photography business. 

Let me know what the biggest mistakes you made were. 

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