Office worker hauled in front of HR for 'eating sexy potatoes' at desk

 An employee has revealed how he was accused of sexual harassment in the workplace over his “sexy potatoes”.

The man said he was called before his company’s Human Resources department after a female co-worker took offense at the way he ate potatoes.

He explained that he’s been eating steamed whole long, skinny potatoes “hot dog style” for years, adding that it is how he was brought up to enjoy them.

Despite this, the female co-worker claimed he ate his spuds “too suggestively” and even accused him of buying “sexy potatoes” on purpose.

Sharing his story on Reddit, the man said the ordeal has been going on for weeks.

“My whole life, I’ve been eating potatoes by microwaving them, then biting into them, eating them hot dog style,” he explained.

File image: A co-worker accused the man of eating the long, skinny potatoes in a suggestive manor.

“Whenever I go to a grocery store, I always pick out the most easily bite-able potatoes, which are generally longer and thinner than most potatoes.

“So I work in an office of about 30 people. We all typically bring our own lunch, and I usually just eat at my desk while doing work.

“Recently, a new person was hired and she clearly has a problem with the way I eat potatoes.

“A couple times, she pulled me aside and asked me that I just eat potatoes a more normal way. I asked her what she meant, and she was eating potatoes too suggestively.

“I was a little shocked because I literally just have my eyes glued to my screen whenever I’m eating and barely pay attention to how I eat.

File image: The man was shocked to learn he was being investigated for sexual harassment.

“She kept coming to me and asking me to tone down the way I eat, even accusing me of going out of my way to choose sexy potatoes.

“I’ve considered bringing them other ways, but this is just the easiest way for me to eat them, and they’re honestly delicious like this to me.”

The man went on to say that his female co-worker reported him to HR, resulting in a series of intense meetings.

“The first [meeting] was on my own alone with the HR woman,” he explained.

“According to her, a coworker had reported me for ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘creating a hostile work environment’. Not going to lie. After hearing those accusations, I was honestly pretty scared. Sexual harassment is a really serious charge.

“I was allegedly making lewd gestures while eating, despite repeatedly being asked to stop.”

File image: The man was investigated by his company's Human Resources department.

He added: “She claimed that after each time she asked me to tone it down, I escalated by choosing increasingly sexy potatoes to eat in front of her.”

The man went on to say he was eventually cleared after an investigation - and said he’s even filed a complaint of his own, claiming many of the woman’s comments were “bordering on sexual harassment”.

“I decided to keep my harassment claim with HR, and have another meeting tomorrow,” he said.

“We’ll see how this goes. I will keep eating sexy potatoes for the foreseeable future.”

Other Reddit users were stunned by the man’s story

“I honestly can’t picture a suggestive way to eat a potato. Your co-worker has issues,” said one.

Added another: “Sexy potatoes. Now I’ve heard everything!”

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