Now Is an Excellent Time to Join the Remote Workforce



are all aware of the drastic shift towards remote work this year. Whether you believe it was the pandemic or a coming trend, we’re deep into the change.

For some, the change to working from home is a gift. The ability to wake up, make coffee, walk the dog, and not rush off to an hour-long commute in traffic. And that’s not even touching on those who have little ones running around.

For anyone wanting to jump into a new industry, this might be the time.

Here are three reasons to consider when entertaining a new career path.

3. More Remote Jobs

It’s no secret that the job market is quite volatile right now. Yet, the opportunities for remote work have increased by 2.8% since March 2020.

This shift creates significant opportunities, whether it’s new or replacement work you seek. The world is adapting to change, and some sectors are going to see permanent effects. I would argue that this is an acceleration of an already-coming evolution to the job market.

These 15 industries in particular are seeing huge increases in hiring and applicants.

When considering a new industry or changing to a remote work style, this increased volume is a huge win.

2. Location Doesn’t Matter

If you have ever applied to a job outside of your city, state, or country, you know the geographic struggle. Many employers will often look within their city or state boundaries for applicants. If you’re not a superstar in your industry or high-level management, relocation is unlikely.

This year that changed. The remote contractor model just blew its doors open to far more industries. From the creative editorial world, I already notice a seismic shift in opportunities.

It’s time to revisit the cities and industries that were previously off your radar due to your location. Tech companies, for instance, have begun to announce permanent remote positions. You may have hesitated to move to San Francisco to work at Twitter, but that opportunity may be back on the table.

1. Low Budget Economy

Entering into a new industry for any reason requires a bit of humility. You may have a decade of experience in one profession and feel like you’re at intern-level in a new one. Putting aside the psychology behind that struggle for a moment, let’s talk about the numbers.

If I have no experience as a web designer and want to dive in, I’m going to have to start with super-competitive rates. This is not a measure of ability. Neither something exclusive to the professional shift this year.

For many professions, the freelance game will always reflect this value pyramid. But the current economy is taking hits from every direction. Employers have less budget than ever while needing to keep the work in motion.

Speaking to those who can set their own rates — now is the time to comfortably undercut the competition. Taking a hit from $100/hr to $45/hr isn’t an easy pill to swallow. But going from $0/hr to $40/hr sure feels like a great foot in the door. When you’re starting out, it’s a lot easier to deal with a lower market rate.

It’s never too late to make a change to your career path. But this year is something unique in itself. Past the volatility, there are amazing opportunities to explore new career paths.

The knowledge is already out there; free and at your fingertips for many skills. That’s not even the question.

The big difference is that you might now have the flexibility of time on your side. The window could be short. It could be longer than we know. But one this is for certain — it’s open to you right now.

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