How to Ace a Job Interview: Have This 1 Thing Handy

 One way coronavirus has impacted the job market is that fewer in-person interviews are being conducted by potential employers. So it is important to know proper phone etiquette while you are doing a phone interview in order to make the best impression possible. But this is the one thing beyond etiquette you absolutely must do to sound prepared and professional on a phone interview.

For many candidates, it can be a daunting and difficult task to impress an employer over the phone and for your preparedness and personality to come across on a call. But there is a surefire way to not only ease some of your nerves on a phone interview and make you sound like the right person for the job.

Before your interview, do research on your potential employer. They may ask you a question relating to the kind of work they do or why you'd work well with their corporate culture, and if you do not have a strong answer, that may not bode well for you.

However, if you have a “cheat sheet” handy, you’ll be prepared to answer questions related to the company with ease. On this sheet, write down possible answers to common interview questions, bullet-point the research you have done on the company, and add questions you may have for them at the end of the interview. Also, keep your resume out to help you explain your past experience.

Having a cheat sheet ready is just one of the many tips you should consider when preparing for a phone interview.

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