Unemployed? Here Are Five Tips To Help You Get A Job In 2020

 Whether you’re a new job hunter or an experienced one, it always pays to be open to tips on your search. With easier access to information, applying to jobs should be a little bit better than the early days. So, iron out your suit, neatly tie your hair and let’s start the hunt!

1. Create a list of companies and know more about them

Having a list of companies you wish to apply to is a great way to begin your journey. With this list, you can start searching for them so you have a better idea of their company culture, what they actually do, possible benefits, and more.

By digging deep into each company, you can gauge if you’re a fit for the type of culture they have or if you have anything that would contribute to its growth. Plus, with all these details you’ll have a great advantage when crafting your resume. 

2. Customize your resumé

Speaking of resumés, you must learn how to customize it so it fits the company and position you’re applying for. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, it would be great if you show your creativity through the layout of your CV.

Applying for a managerial role? Showcase and highlight how you have managed teams in the past and the changes you initiated or impact you have left behind — these can truly show recruiters how well you play the role of a manager.

3. Improve your skills & be certified

In a digital world, learning never stops! Type in a few keywords hit search and you’ll be presented with a plethora of sources you can read up on to learn a new thing every day. If you want to go and be more serious in learning, there are sites like Eskills Academy or 360training you can check out.

Eskills Academy aims to help you excel in your career by providing short courses to help you gain new skills. It offers industry-specific topics like digital marketingweb developmentgraphic design, and more. It is recognized by institutions like Duke University, Google, and IBM. Plus, they offer exclusive discount bundles which can help you save money and learn new concepts at the same time!

With over 20 years of experience and is up-to-date with the necessary regulations, 360training would be a good investment. It offers resources for those in the Food & Beverage industry, Real Estate arena, and even Environmental Health & Safety. Its platform is easy to use and convenient, plus their trainings are regulatory-approved and offer certifications where valid. 

4. Reach out to your network

If you’re just starting out, you might think “this isn’t applicable to me.” Actually, it still is.

Your network is composed of classmates, friends, relatives, and other people you got in touch with in the past. Both beginners and seasoned job hunters have their own pool of contacts to pull from. Learn to reach out if ever you’re in need of a job.

A little “Hi!” or “Hello!” can go a long way! Not only will you catch up on an old contact but you may also land an interview in a company you’ve been eyeing on for so long. You never know who your network knows.

5. Don’t be shy to follow-up

Lastly, if you do get your foot into the door and book an interview – don’t be shy to check how the hiring process goes and to follow up accordingly.

Some hunters don’t have the nerve to check in with the recruiter for some reason. But the only way you can really be sure if you got the job or not is to try to follow up. Not all companies may be responsive to such methods but at least this keeps you in the interviewer’s mind.

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