Level Up Your Income With These 3 Untapped Skillsets


I’m always on the lookout for new skills to add to my toolkit. This year, I feel like I’ve pushed that into overdrive.

With the way things are going in the world, the rich are about to get way richer. And the poor, much poorer. To close that gap, we need skills to make us more valuable in the marketplace. It might not be sexy, but now is the time to stay indoors and work on becoming better. And all it takes is increasing your value.

I’ve experienced firsthand the power of stacking skills. I’ve made a decent amount with freelance writing. But when I started to learn SEO and added to my offerings, my earnings increased. Even with the SEO training incomplete.

The thing is, you don’t need to follow the crowd. Some underrated skills are lying around just waiting for you to leverage them.

If you’re looking to add some skills fresh out of school, trying to change careers, or looking for another stream of income, try one of these three skills. I’m bullish that they will be in high demand soon.

1. Learn To Create Websites With Webflow

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Surely you’ve heard about WordPress before. More than 75 million websites run on the platform. Almost 60% of the world’s websites use WordPress in some form. While WordPress is customizable and easy to use, you need some coding chops to get it to look just right. Themes look good in theory but hardly translate into practice.

That’s where Webflow comes in. Webflow is a website builder and CMS (Content Management System) that’s been around since 2013. It focuses on amazing design, giving the user the ability to create gorgeous websites with no coding experience.

You can join Webflow University and learn how to design and launch your website in about 10 hours.

How you can use this new skill:

By learning how to design and build a Webflow site, you can help businesses looking to go online because of the pandemic. Comparing jobs on sites like Fiverr, Webflow development earns a bit more than standard WordPress too.

With the new skill, your possibilities are endless. You can create YouTube content, make an online course, or sell themes and templates which are in high demand. If you’re into design and want to learn how to build websites, you can’t go wrong with learning Webflow.

2. Create code-free applications with Bubble

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Medium Clone Anyone?

Back in 2018, I spent a month in Medellin, Colombia. I became a fan of Rappi, a food delivery startup app similar to Uber Eats, Doordash, and the like. It got me thinking, how can I recreate the app? I would have needed to outsource it, especially since I don’t know a lick of code past HTML and CSS.

Enter Bubble.io.

Bubble’s mantra is simple:

Learn how to build any web app without a single line of code.

Bubble.io is a drag-and-drop application creator. With Bubble, you can create application clones for sites like Netflix, YouTube, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and yes, even Medium. You can go through Bubble Bootcamps, a paid course that takes your idea from the back of a napkin to version 1.0 in about eight weeks.

What can you do with Bubble.io?

I’m sure the wheels are starting to turn in your mind by now. You’ve had an Airbnb for pets idea, and Indie film Netflix, or the next Tinder. Now you can get your idea off the ground with minimal investment. Crafting a startup app in Bubble means you can now get paid (or a stake in the company) to bring someone else’s idea into fruition.

3. Become Salesforce certified using Trailhead

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Salesforce is one of the biggest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms in the world, with over 20% market share. It’s the backbone of many companies, helping Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Technology all collaborate for a smooth customer pipeline. Salesforce often pays for itself, assisting companies to increase sales while improving the Customer Experience (CX).

While the software has been around for more than two decades, there’s still a growing demand for Salesforce Subject Matter experts. Large companies often outsource or pay top dollar for Salesforce experts to manage, develop, and troubleshoot the platform.

Salesforce created Trailhead, a learning platform where you can become certified as a Consultant, Administrator, Marketer, Architect, or Developer. While some certifications need pre-requisites, others can be completed in short order.

How you can leverage this skill:

Salesforce is here to stay. With over 150,000 companies using their suite of products (and paying enterprise rates), they need people who can learn and execute software effectively. That’s why Salesforce, and other SaaS companies like Hubspot, create training and certification programs.

Decide on a learning path and dig in.

As you learn, head over to LinkedIn and start sharing content on setting up and managing the Salesforce tool. Connect with other administrators, developers, and companies interested in using the service. Soon, you’ll find yourself setting up software for medium businesses and consulting as you grow your skillset. It can be both a side hustle and your full-time job. And who knows? You may get the attention of Salesforce themselves!

Final Thoughts

With a new skill in your pocket, it’s only a matter of time before you start increasing your income. Webflow and Bubble, in particular, have the potential to give you some excellent side hustle or freelance income. Salesforce certification is a great skill to add to your resume and can even land you a high-paying job.

Are there any apps, certifications, or skills you think could be useful or lucrative? Then don’t hesitate to jump in and start learning, even if it’s an hour a day. You won’t regret it.

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