Looking for work

Former Executive Assistant Rachel Rodriguez has been out of a job for months.

“At this point, I’m completely at my last idea to get a job. I need a job,” Rodriguez said.

She’s treating her job search like she has all of her jobs — with the organization and a positive, “can-do” attitude.

“I have signed up for multiple jobs posting sites — Indeed, Linkedin, Facebook recently started one,” she explained. “I’ve made my resume public for anyone and everyone.”

Rodriguez has submitted hundreds of applications in her search for a new job. The results have not been much.

“Since March, I’ve only received three interview requests,” she said.

And she’s finding the online interviews are just… weird.

“You know what is on the line and you are not receiving that same feedback as if you were in person,” she said. “If you were in person you could tell their body movements, on-site. You are reading the camera, a moment or two delay - as far as their expressions, reactions to what you have to say. Challenging. 2020 has been a test, a giant test.”

The answer? Positive news on the Houston job front.

“As the economy reopens and businesses are able to invite people back in, we are seeing many job listings,” said Michelle Castrow of Workforce Solutions.

Castrow says restaurant takeout and delivery jobs are hot right now. One tip: apply at restaurants with several locations so you have more options. KPRC 2 stopped by Dish Society, where they are hiring at all locations for to-go help.

“Jobs available all along the retail supply chain,” said Castrow.

Online holiday shopping sales are expected to be up this year. To keep up with that demand, companies like FedExUPS, and Amazon are hiring.

“Jobs do not require experience, they require a willingness to learn,” said Ardine Williams, Amazon’s Vice President of Workforce Development.

“There are hundreds of jobs available across Houston,” Williams explained. “Most of those are in our logistics networks- fulfillment and delivery type jobs. They offer a starting wage of $15 an hour full-time position offering full benefits.”

You can learn more about the Amazon jobs in Houston here.

Consider seasonal jobs

Seasonal jobs are also opening up all over town. The temporary holiday work could be just what you need to land another job down the road.

“It’s also about making yourself the outstanding employee to your next prospective employer,” said Castrow. “You’ll be able to highlight skills like teamwork, communication, customer service, adaptability, time management, communication, motivation, and values. All of those things are essential skills.”

Castrow also recommends considering the healthcare industry for a job.

“Places like the dentist office places like the eye doctors office,” Castrow said. “As those businesses are reopening, that’s another great place to look.”

New jobs are bringing new hope to Rodriguez and so many others.

“I know as a city, we have that economy. Yes, we can take that hit but we can keep coming back,” Rodriguez said. “Keep the faith, keep trying, every day is new and every day has a new opportunity.”

20 jobs you can start now in Houston (with little experience)

You can search Workforce Solutions for thousands of jobs that are available in Texas. We wanted to help gather a few of the jobs that you can easily apply for today, and maybe start soon.

*We specifically picked jobs that have locations all over town, so you can try and find a position near you. Just click on the link for each company and it will take you directly to the job application page. Good luck!

Retail store jobs


At Home

Big Lots

Dick’s Sporting Goods



Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx (TJX Companies)





Check a mall near you. We found openings at companies at places like Bath and Body Works, Madewell, and Macy’s.

Grocery Stores



Whole Foods

Delivery Service




Restaurant Industry

Dish Society Restaurants

Pappas Restaurants

Landry’s Restaurants

Chipotle Restaurants