Technology job postings have trended below overall job postings for weeks and have remained down 36% from last year’s trend, according to a report by AnnElizabeth Konkel at Indeed.

The report notes that tech job posting initially fared better than overall job postings, possibly because tech work doesn’t require much face-to-face interaction and some firms already had remote work policies in place. The postings started to fall behind in mid-May, though the gap has grown.

“It looks to be a long road ahead for the tech sector,” Konke wrote. “The economic damage caused by coronavirus has been vast. And, even though the overall job market has recovered a bit, the tech job postings trend has yet to bounce back. Within the broad tech sector, there are variations. IT help and system engineering jobs are faring relatively better, while data science and IT management are doing worse.”

Still, Konkel noted that worker interest in tech jobs among workers has risen.

Overall, Indeed noted that job postings so far in 2020 were 21% lower than in 2019 as of July 24.

And though hiring may be down, the job board operator reported it is seeing 500,000 jobs added each week. It listed six firms that are hiring now:

  • Panda Restaurant Group
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Lowe’s
  • Walgreens
  • Accenture

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