Tech giants join legal challenge against Trump worker visa ban


A number of tech giants have pledged their support to a legal challenge against a ban on foreign worker visas by US President Donald Trump, aimed at preserving jobs for Americans during the pandemic.

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter were among 52 companies that signed the legal brief, which was filed in a lawsuit brought by the National Association of Manufacturers in California.

In the brief, the companies argued that the visa restrictions will hurt American jobs, instead of lead businesses to hire more workers at bases outside the US.

Trump issued an order in June that temporarily halted the entry of several types of foreign workers until the end of the year.

This included skilled foreign workers prized by tech firms, such as those on H-1B visas and those transferred between company offices on L visas.

It also applied to seasonal workers entering on H-2B visas, with an exception for workers in food supply chain jobs.

In the brief filed today, the companies said Trump’s proclamation could do irreparable damage to US businesses, workers, and the economy.

“Global competitors in Canada, China, and India, among others, are pouncing at the opportunity to attract well-trained, innovative individuals,” the brief said.

“And American businesses are scrambling to adjust, hiring needed talent to work in locations outside our nation’s borders.”

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