With 2020’s unexpected rise of dispersed teams and remote employees, improving employee engagement is suddenly at the top of most business’ to-do list.

Not just because it makes for a happier workforce, but because a happier workforce means a healthier bottom line. This is a fact highlighted in Gallup’s most recent engagement meta-analysis, which concludes that highly engaged businesses are 21 percent more profitable. However, effectively engaging with employees is easier said than done, and many organizations struggle to successfully engage their Millennial and Gen Z employees – i.e., a demographic whose expectations diverge widely from those of previous generations.
In a recent Q&A hosted by Business Reporter, Dimitri Boylan, founder, and CEO of Avature, argues that today’s younger, turnover-prone workforce might stick around longer if businesses were to take a different approach to manage them.  
“HR’s challenge is that they don’t have systems that measure engagement. They manage numbers and assets; they don’t really reflect peoples’ sentiments. With the wrong tools, it’s difficult for them to get the right outcome,” he explains. “Buy-in is what reduces turnover. Buy-in is what allows a Millennial to say, I’m going to stay at this company because some of my ideas need to bear fruit here.”
In an age where the employee experience is everything, Avature DNA is an engagement hub engineered to help businesses reconfigure themselves to become a more attractive and engaging place for today’s digital native workforce. “The technology needs to change because our customers are being asked to be agile, to have a more fluid work environment where more people can participate and buy into the organisation,” Boylan says.
To find out more about Avature’s approach, you can read the article and watch the video here.
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