This Reddit Thread On The Weirdest Job Applications Is The Resume Guide You Need Right Now

Filling out a job application can be stressful as heck. Sometimes questions feel like they’re totally inapplicable, other times they’re too damn convoluted to answer easily.
All this drama apparently gives employers something to laugh about. It’d be nice if they let us in on the joke, for once.
That’s why Redditor u/ramennewtls asked: “Employers, what’s the weirdest/stupidest answer you’ve seen on a job application?”
Turns out there were a lot of employers on Reddit because the thread’s already gotten almost two thousand replies in just two days.
Some, if not most, of those replies are enough to make you feel better about your own job application stuff-ups.
Here are some of the best gems, which provide a perfect example of exactly what not to do when on the hunt for a new job, from the online application all the way to the interview stage.

It’s probably better to elaborate beyond four-word answers.

Nobody cares that you peaked in high school.

It’s one thing to sell yourself, but another thing to outright make shit up.

Potential employers care about more than just your goddamn “connections”.

Don’t pull clown shit.

Always watch for tipos typos.

Don’t leave printing your resume to the morning of your interview, or you’ll end up like this dude.

Eat before the interview, you animal.

Perhaps it’s time for a new email address,

…But that doesn’t mean you should leave out your email address altogether.

Finally, always make sure your references are contactable.

Thank you, Baby Cheesus.
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