Service jobs the first to rehire as businesses adapt to pandemic

(WKBT)–Job fairs don’t usually require a pair of wheels, but during the pandemic nothing is normal.
“Since COVID’s came about all of our worlds have been upside down including the large unemployment that we’ve seen, so this is a way to think outside the box and help our community out,” said Melissa Myers, Executive Director of Workforce Development.
The drive-thru job fair comes at a time where unemployment in the state has spiked up nearly 10 points from where it was in January.
“The services sector was obviously impacted really hard,” said Sam Bachmeier and Economic Development Coordinator.

He says that jobs in services like fast food and hotels are the first to start rehiring.
“Right now the Service employees are in high demand and will continue to be in high demand as we continue to come out of COVID.”
But the future of service jobs is unknown.
“It’ll be interesting to see how the industry continues to bounce back and whether it goes back to a pre-covid state or not,” said Bachmeier.
Sam says that companies may rely on online retail and curbside pickup in the long term to limit the number of employees they’re paying.
“There’s going to be some middle ground that we’re all going to have to compromise on for at least the next few years as we bounce back out of this.”
Some manufacturing jobs in our area are also hiring.
“I know a lot of manufacturers in our are continuing to hire as a lot of our core industry is set around food and beverage manufacturing. People don’t stop eating and drinking,” added Bachmeier.
But people need to eat, and that’s why they hope they can find a better job without leaving their cars.

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