The poorest and weakest are the most vulnerable.

Now, with the world slowly crawling back to normalcy, there are still big numbers of unemployed people who are waiting to join back. But do companies have the money to pay them?
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Getting fired has heavy psychological impacts!

The first thing here is to believe that it wasn’t your fault.

Forced to leave, or asked to work for free — both are cases of employee exploitationbut there are bigger issues in the world to be dealt with.
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How to present myself as a designer who was fired?

By speaking the truth. That you were fired.

hands holding hundred-dollar currency
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Should I take the job, when the salary is not what I expected?

That depends upon the kind of situation you are in.

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Can I see any of this, in a positive light? Why not?

There are many things that you can do instead, and working on your resume, portfolio or CV is one of the few!