COVID-19 Workplace Commons: Keeping Workers Well

The COVID-19 Workplace Commons: Keeping Workers Well initiative leverages the World Economic Forum’s platform, networks, and global convening ability to collect, refine and share best practices for returning to the workplace safely as part of broader COVID-19 recovery strategies. The initiative is jointly led by Arizona State University and the Forum. We need to be ready as employers for the long haul of this pandemic! If you would like to participate in the survey or learn more, please click here:

Project outputs

1) A set of 250 exemplary case studies of safe return to workplace practices across a variety of industries, cultures, and geographies

2) A Visual Interactive Dashboard hosted by Arizona State University that enables companies, organizations, and other stakeholders to understand the testing and contact tracing trends and practices by industry, geography, or institution size

3) Communities of learning for companies and stakeholders who are bringing their workers back to the physical workplace -- what works, and what does not?

4) Curated conversations hosted by Arizona State University's Decision Theater scenario planning facility, geared toward longer-term planning for how to navigate worker safety in any pandemic


For people to return safely to the workplace, and remain at work, a variety of strategies tailored to different industries and environments will be needed. Strategies and frameworks for returning and remaining safely at the workplace then need to be implemented and refined using real-world evidence. The speed at which we need to reopen economies and return workers to critical industries necessitates coordinated sharing and refinement of best practices by workers, employers, policymakers, front-line institutions and governments. The specifics of how testing is integrated throughout return to the workplace efforts will impact investments not only in the diagnostics sector, but in digital tools and technologies that collect and integrate various sources of data in formats relevant for appropriate access by individuals, clinicians, public health authorities, researchers, and innovators. 

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