The top 10 careers for keeping yourself healthy: Accountants top the list

When choosing a job there are many factors to consider, from commute times and work-life balance to how passionate we are about the role. But with many of us based in an office and sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, do we consider the risk to our posture or fitness, and should we be more aware of the overall impact our careers have on our health? 
Lenstore has researched 48 popular and diverse jobs to find which careers are the best for your general health, including risks such as exposure to infection, risk of injury, and joint problems, as well as five other major groups.
The best jobs for your health
While most hazards can be mitigated in one form or another, we can’t always protect against long-term damage. These are the 10 jobs with the best chances of staying healthy for longer, with lower figures representing lower exposure to health threats:
RankJob TitleHazardousRisk of InfectionRisk of InjuryJoints and Muscular IssuesPostureSensory DamageFitnessSun Damage
2Web Developers1181401615820
3IT Managers6174382013803
4Marketing Managers8204312116726
7Secondary School Teachers73851611214011
8Retail Salespersons113992720212421
10Medical Scientists17325321915721
Lower numbers represent lower exposure to health threats.
Health warning: high hazard job roles 
Not all roles are going to keep you healthy, however. Some come with considerations for not just your posture, but also your risk of injury and infection – particularly among emergency services.
These are the five worst jobs for your health:
RankJob TitleHazardousRisk of InfectionRisk of InjuryJoints and Muscular IssuesPostureSensory DamageFitnessSun Damage
30Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics4684364249724651
27Immigration and Customs Inspectors5764314541684941
26Flight Attendants507834605253194
  1. Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics – Facing one of the highest levels of risk of infection, Paramedics, and EMTs already take what precautions they can to mitigate any danger.
  2. Firefighters – Working in hazardous environments, Firefighters are at a significant risk of injury and infection, and while their fitness has to stay high, their role is not ideal for long-term health.
  3. Dentists – The physical proximity to so many clients each day means the risk of infection is higher while sitting still for much of the day isn’t likely to support their fitness levels.
Roshni Patel, BSc (Hons) MCOptom, Professional Services Manager at Lenstore said: 
“While jobs should be about pursuing our passions, it’s important to watch for what risks we might face in our roles. Many of them can be adjusted to reduce issues; in the case of protecting posture and keeping your eyes healthy over long hours in the office, for example, adjusting your monitor to face away from sources of glare and positioning it at the right angle for your head can reduce the chances of digital eye strain and many sources of neck pain.
“We hope to raise awareness of what different workers need to do to have the safest experience in their roles.”
For more information on the best and worst jobs for your health, review the full study on Lenstore.
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