NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio warns 22,000 city workers could be laid off

Mayor Bill de Blasio made an urgent plea to Washington and Albany on Wednesday for financial assistance due to coronavirus-related revenue losses.

He said that NYC is now facing a $9 billion projected loss of revenue in the city due to the loss of tourism and commerce.

So far, the city has made $2 billion in cuts to agencies to help save money. Mayor de Blasio said the city needs to make another billion in cuts to meet their budget of $87 billion.

He will be working with the city council and the labor movement. He said that the city is prepared to lay off and furlough 22,000 city workers as a last resort.

He said the city is running out of options.

"Here is a way to think about it, for every one hundred million dollars in the city budget, that's about 2,200 city employees on average," de Blasio said. "To close a $1 million gap would mean laying off 22,000 city employees which are a staggering number."

He added that it has become clear that a federal stimulus is not coming, and if it did the earliest would be the second half of July. He said they also have no borrowing authority yet from the state.

Raw Video: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city may be forced to lay off up to 22,000 employees this fall.
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