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20 Part-Time Student Job Ideas

Working as a student offers many long-term benefits, such as paying back your loan faster, gaining precious professional experience and being exposed to networking opportunities.  Career Insider has selected 40 awesome part-time student jobs for you to choose from or be inspired by, and included the average hourly wage, flexibility and common soft skills recruters look for. Read on and find what part-time job may best fit your student schedule. 

Food services

Hipster coffeeshop
Food services jobs are accessible to most motivated candidates who enjoy very fast-paced and busy environments. A successful professional in a food and services part-time job will need to be energetic, social, punctual and reactive.


Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £6.7
Skills: punctual, dynamic, reactive, energetic, friendly
Bartending is a great option for night owls and extraverts! From irish pubs to cocktail bars, bartenders have multiple choices of atmospheres and styles. You might learn the art of flairing and mixology if you haven’t already mastered them. Check for job ads or even go ask in bars directly if they need your skills.


Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £6.9
Skills: punctual, reactive, social, customer oriented, agile
Nothing like the smell of fresh roasted coffee and warm pastries in the morning. If you agree, barista may be the perfect part-time student job for you. You also get to make people’s day by handing them their awakening beverage. If you prefer working afternoons, barrister is also a great fit as most coffee shops stay open all day.

Host or waiter at a restaurant

Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £6.3
Skills: reactive, agile, attentive, customer oriented, friendly
If you enjoy the exciting busy hive vibes at restaurants, waiter can be a good fit for a student part-time job. Restaurants often need extra help so look around your local dining spots, pizzerias, sushi bars or other lunch places if they have vacant positions you could fill in.

Catering staff

Flexibility: high
Average hourly rate: £7.1
Skills: reactive, agile, energetic, discreet, social
For anyone interested in the food industry but tending to get bored easily, catering might be a great combination of service and change. As a catering staff you may have to change venues on a regular basis, if not for every job. This is a great opportunity to explore venues around your area and attend several events. While obviously this is a job and you must be serious, you might still get a chance to discreetly network with guests.

Cafeteria worker

Flexibility: low
Average hourly rate: £6.6
Skills: hands-on, cordial, reactive, nimble, quick
Free around lunch time? Why not consider a part time job as a cafeteria worker? Check out openings at your campus’s local lunch area, which will avoid you commuting time. There may also be other schools or offices around campus which may be looking for an extra pair of hands.

Delivery person

Flexibility: high
Average hourly rate: £7.7
Skills: dynamic, punctual, energetic, good coordination, space orientation
Food delivery applications are always looking for more people to hop on their bike and deliver freshly prepared meals to customers. Being a delivery person is flexible and you can decide what shifts you cover. Plus, in addition to getting to perfectly know your city, if you’re using a bike, you are essentially getting paid to work out!


Toddler playing music
Care jobs require many human skills as well as health and psychology knowledge for some of the following part-time care jobs. However, they are highly enriching and can open doors for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the health and care industry.

Specialist Note taker

Flexibility: low
Average hourly rate: £7
Skills: patient, empathetic, psychology, ability to take notes, organised
A specialist note taker accompanies children with disabilities to class and assists them in their notetaking allowing them to follow school as smoothly as possible. This position usually requires knowledge in specific disabilities and in some cases, psychology. Studying to be a nurse, a child psychologist or a teacher? Working as a specialist note take could help you learn a lot.


Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £7.3
Skills: patient, friendly, good with children, mature, responsible
If you enjoy spending time with children, playing development games, reading stories… childcare and babysitting might be the perfect student job for you. Busy parents around you are always looking for responsible adults to take care of their offspring whether after school, in the evening or on weekends.

Senior care

Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £7.8
Skills: sensitive, patient, gentle, responsible, receptive
With the population aging, more and more elderly people will need care. And how enriching an experience it is to spend time with people three times your age? Look around if retirement homes or geriatric services are looking for help. Just like specialist note taker, health knowledge may be required depending on the job.


Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £16.7
Skills: pedagogical, patient, empathetic, understanding, motivating
If you enjoy teaching, tutoring might be a great match for you. It’s up to you what age and level of advancement you teach. Therefore, you can choose to help out students a grade under you and tackle topics you enjoy and have learned about recently, or decide to go for younger students or children with any subject you master or enjoy most.

Start-up/Office jobs

Young professionals working in an open space
For the tech lovers out there, a start-up part-time student job might be just what you need to jumpstart your career. If you’re a student or self-taught in web development, graphic design, social media management, etc. companies need your skills. Even if you are not tech crazy, offices around you also need customer service agents to be the voice of their brand, or data entry administrators.

Graphic designer

Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £10.2
Skills: graphic design tools, creative, business understandings, good general knowledge
Mastering Photoshop and graphic rules comes in handy. Many companies regularly need a graphic designer to work on visual content, whether online or print. From business cards, to promotional flyers or a newsletter, a graphic designer’s skills are always valued.


Flexibility: high
Average hourly rate: £12.5
Skills: focused, organised, structured, curious, reliable In a world where tech and services are booming and everything is going digital, developers are not ready to see robots replace them just yet. If you know how to code, your skills are valued by many companies and businesses around you. Working as a part-time student developer might be your best way for you to earn money while studying.

Web designer

Flexibility: high
Average hourly rate: £14.0
Skills: creative, reliable, good business understanding, logical
Today, few companies and industries can survive without a website. This is why web designers are very sought after. It helps if you are a little bit business-minded in order to understand different companies’ goals and pain points and create the best website to fit their brand and needs.

Paid search

Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £22.5
Skills: creative, analytical, fast-thinker, on top of trends
If you’re a marketing student and enjoy anything digital, helping businesses out with SEM and SEA is a good option if you are looking to make money while studying. There are even certifications you can get online if you feel like you need extra credentials to sell your knowledge and services to companies.

Customer service advisor

Flexibility: low
Average hourly rate: £7.4
Skills: social, friendly, patient, good listener, diplomatic
Do you love interacting with customers, answering their questions and solving their problems? Then customer service advisor may just be your ideal part-time student job match. Whether by email or telephone, it will require patience and calm to deal with some angry customers, but you can get a lot of personal satisfaction if they leave pleased.

Call centre agent

Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £7.8
Skills: persuasive, effective, articulate, social
If you have the soul of a salesperson, are target-oriented and enjoy talking with people, check out call centre agent jobs. Companies need motivated people to reach out to new clients all the time and help their business grow. Schedules are flexible and can ideally fit in to your busy student life.


Flexibility: low
Average hourly rate: £8.2
Skills: articulate, focused, accessible, go-getter, dynamic
Before selling a product or improving a service, marketing departments need to do serious market and customer research. Working as a surveyor can significantly help professionals better understand potential clients and market trends. A great advantage for you is that you learn as much as the people employing you.

Brand ambassador/PR

Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £6.8
Skills: reliable, sociable, friendly, approachable, articulate
Customers don’t trust brands as much as their peers. This is why companies hire student brand ambassadors as their on-campus voices. There is no better PR than a trusted class or schoolmate extolling the merits of a product, and brands understand this. A part-time student job as a campus brand ambassador might also open doors for your future internships or jobs.


Flexibility: average
Average hourly rate: £8.2
Skills: writing skills, creativity, adaptability, business mindedness
You know what they say, content is king and written content is up there wearing the crown. From blog posts to newsletters, or flyers to digital campaigns, if you have good writing skills and are able to produce stellar copy, you are in possession of a rare competence and companies need you.

Data entry administrator

Flexibility: low
Average hourly rate: £8.5
Skills: meticulous, detail-oriented, patient, serious
As a data entry clerk (or database administrator) you are in charge of updating and maintaining information on computer systems and in archives. This is an important role because information in these systems is only valuable if it is accurate, up to date and useable. If you are detail-oriented and meticulous, this can be a part-time student job to consider.