Texas' labor force keeps growing. Here are the 26 highest-paying jobs in the Lone Star State.

 Texas has a booming labor market.

April data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the state has a record-high number of people in the labor force and a record-high number of jobs.

The unemployment rate in Texas had been consistently at 3.9% from June 2023 to March 2024. It had ticked up to 4.0% in April, but that's still a low rate, and the labor force participation rate also ticked up from 64.1% to 64.2% in April. The unemployment rate for Texas has been close to or at the national unemployment rate during 2024 so far. Plus, the state added 42,600 jobs in April, which is a robust gain compared to most of the monthly gains for this state in 2023.

Amid a robust job market and with over 15.2 million people in the Texas labor force, Business Insider decided to look at what pay opportunities look like in the state based on recently published data.

Around two dozen jobs in Texas pay an average of over $175,000, including architectural and engineering managers, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, and athletes, and other sports competitors.

That's based on average annual wage data from the May 2023 Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics estimates published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BI focused on jobs that had data available for Texas from that release. While pediatric surgeon is a high-paying job in the state, we didn't include it in our ranking below because it didn't have a specific estimate stated.

Below are the highest-paying jobs in Texas along with their average annual wages and employment estimates in the state.

26. Postsecondary health specialties teachers

Medical or healthcare students and a professor
Nastasic/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $176,430

Employment estimate: 25,650

25. Lawyers

Lawyers sitting at a table and looking at a document
Maskot/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $177,890

Employment estimate: 45,950

24. Commercial pilots

Maravic/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $180,660

Employment estimate: 6,360

23. Architectural and engineering managers

Three workers discussing an architectural project
South_agency/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $185,320

Employment estimate: 18,540

22. Podiatrists

Close up of a patient's feet and a podiatrist
pedro arquero/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $201,210

Employment estimate: 260

21. Psychiatrists

Psychiatrist or psychologist talking
Fiordaliso/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $205,270

Employment estimate: 1,040

20. Family medicine physicians

Doctor with a patient and parent
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $214,720

Employment estimate: 5,920

19. Nurse anesthetists

A patient and anesthesiologist
SDI Productions/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $216,280

Employment estimate: 5,390

18. Dentists

Dentist and patient looking at an X-ray of teeth
SeventyFour/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $220,000

Employment estimate: 10,910

17. General internal medicine physicians

Doctor and patient
Halfpoint/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $224,640

Employment estimate: 2,690

16. Pediatricians

Pediatrician or doctor with a patient in a doctor's office
Drazen Zigic/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $225,220

Employment estimate: 2,530

15. Airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers

Southwest Airlines aircraft
DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images

Average annual wage: $227,380

Employment estimate: 7,800

14. Physicians (all other)

Doctor and patient
Solskin/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $239,840

Employment estimate: 28,660

13. Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologist adjusting anesthesia machine
Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $257,220

Employment estimate: 1,370

12. Emergency medicine physicians

Doctor and nurses pushing woman on gurney
Dennis Degnan/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $257,890

Employment estimate: Not available

11. Neurologists

Two doctors consult over an MRI scan
Tashi-Delek/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $275,700

Employment estimate: 640

10. Dermatologists

Female dermatologist using cotton pads on a patient’s face
Kosamtu/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $276,120

Employment estimate: 730

9. Surgeons (all other)

Surgeon, medical workers
Morsa Images/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $276,680

Employment estimate: 1,680

8. Pathologists

Scientist or pathologist in a lab
Nitat Termmee/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $278,140

Employment estimate: 890

7. Dentists (all other specialists)

Patient looking at her teeth in a mirror and next to her is a dentist or a worker in a dental office
Adalberto Rodriguez/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $287,240

Employment estimate: Not available

6. Obstetricians and gynecologists

Doctor with a patient and conducting an ultrasound
Anchiy/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $287,330

Employment estimate: 910

5. Ophthalmologists (except pediatric)

Ophthalmologist and a patient
Weiquan Lin/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $291,320

Employment estimate: 1,260

4. Chief executives

People talking in a meeting in an office
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $298,140

Employment estimate: 6,970

3. Cardiologists

Doctor using a stethoscope
Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $323,310

Employment estimate: 1,150

2. Radiologists

Doctor examining x-rays in hospital
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $327,850

Employment estimate: 1,830

1. Athletes and sports competitors

Football players of the Houston Texans during a game
Ryan Kang/Getty Images

Average annual wage: $368,110

Employment estimate: 2,760

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