Eight IT Nightmare Stories That Make Us Feel Bad For Tech Support

 It's not surprising to hear that many office workers aren't capable of doing basic troubleshooting, but these stories make us want to pull our hair out.

We don't envy tech support — it's a brutal job. They have to solve annoying problems for everyone in the company, and they end up having to be the "bad guy" over even the tiniest of mishaps. Keeping everything running smoothly is harder than it looks, and sometimes things go completely out of control.

Redditor u/vapor-ware wanted to hear about the most outrageous experiences IT workers have ever come across, and the AskReddit community quickly pulled out the big guns.

Don't waste the rest of your day scrolling through more than 4,000 comments in this thread. We've already picked out the best stories, and placed them below.

Warning: This post includes abstract discussion of child abuse.

It's like these creeps want to get discovered
How many factors are we talkin' about here?
What would you like us to do about it?
Having all of your valuable stuff in a single room is a bad idea
Hacking a medical system sure seems like it could lead to a straight-up homicide
Using your work computer to do nefarious stuff is an excellent way to get caught

A waste of resources on a biblical scale

Tech support isn't babysitting

Via u/vapor-ware.

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