A job seeker says she was invited to a work happy hour after an interview, but it turned out to be another hiring test

 Job seekers are no strangers to enduring rigorous hiring processes. However, some employers seem to be taking these tests to extreme levels. A TikTok user named Marissa Marlowe shared a recent experience in a video, stating she'd applied for hundreds of jobs before receiving an invitation for an on-site test with a potential employer. Business Insider couldn't verify her identity or the company she applied to.

She described a day-long process where she delivered a 75-minute presentation and engaged in discussions with various team members. Following that, she attended a work happy hour intended to socialize with the rest of the team, only to find it filled with other candidates. Marlowe humorously likened the experience to the US reality TV show "The Bachelor," where multiple candidates compete for one position. Despite her efforts and attending the happy hour, she was ultimately rejected.

Job hunters have faced significant challenges recently. While The Great Resignation saw many people quitting their jobs post-COVID-19 to start anew, this trend has now stagnated. We are now experiencing what some call the "Big Stay," where more individuals are staying in their current roles compared to two years ago. The job market has become even more competitive due to substantial layoffs by major companies.

Job seekers have criticized the recruitment process for being particularly harsh: dealing with fake job ads on LinkedIn, being ghosted by recruiters, and navigating new AI recruitment tools such as conducting initial interviews with AI chatbots. During the pandemic, more employers began using cognitive and psychometric tests to better understand candidates, adding stress for those unsure of the desired outcomes. Despite low unemployment rates in the US, many job seekers aren't feeling the benefits of a healthy labor market, especially higher earners facing a tough white-collar job market and those searching for remote work opportunities.  

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