We're DINKs in Austin who are waiting until we make $350,000 to have kids. Maintaining our lifestyle as parents is a priority.

Before Brooke, 26, and I tied the knot in August 2021, our joint earnings from data entry and construction occupations amounted to around $67,000 annually. Having graduated amid the COVID-19 pandemic, securing our desired job roles was challenging. Fast forward to nearly three years into our marriage, our combined income has significantly increased to $180,000—thanks to acquiring better-paying positions and adhering to our long-standing financial objectives. Currently, I work as a mining equipment brokerage representative, and Brooke is an administrative manager.

Throughout 2022, we experienced financial growth; I secured a position as an inside sales coordinator within a prominent construction firm, and Brooke received a salary raise in her role. While we indulge in dining out over the weekends, we focus on preparing wholesome meals and brewing our coffee at home during the weekdays.

Automobiles are a shared passion; our collection includes a BMW M2, Mercedes GLA, Range Rover, and a Saab 9000. Additionally, we co-own a Toyota Corolla with a friend, which we utilize for our side hustle on Turo, a car-sharing platform. This venture, including listing the Range Rover, generates approximately $1,250 monthly.

We splurged on a luxury trip to Los Angeles for our second anniversary, costing us about $6,800, marking our first lavish vacation as a married pair. The experience, featuring stays at four-star hotels, a luxury car rental, and fine dining, was truly priceless.

Regarding family planning, we had set a financial threshold of a $150,000 combined annual income before considering children. Now that we've achieved this, I'm setting a new target of $350,000 before the arrival of our first child. Another major objective is homeownership.

The advantage of our steadily increasing income is maintaining our lifestyle even after starting a family. We aspire for our children to have comfortable lives, yet they must understand the value of money and the hard work that brought us here.

Before transitioning from our DINK (Dual Income, No Kids) status, we yearned for a taste of life in Austin. Moving from renting a home for $2,400 in San Antonio to a condo in Austin with breathtaking views has increased our rent to $3,475. Despite this, savings on utilities and unchanged expenses on groceries and gas allow us to allocate more for leisure activities. Austin's vibrant outdoor, food, and social scenes enrich our lives significantly.

Another ambition before starting a family is to launch our own coffee shop, which is currently in the planning stages. Meanwhile, we are fully enjoying life as a DINK couple in Austin.  

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