Only looking for remote jobs? Here’s how to include that on your resume


In the evolving landscape of work arrangements post-pandemic, it’s important to communicate your work preferences clearly on your resume. According to a Gallup survey, 54% of U.S. workers in remote-capable roles now follow a hybrid work model, 27% are fully remote, and 20% are on-site full-time. When crafting your resume, alongside highlighting your key achievements and tailoring it with relevant keywords from the job description, you should also indicate your preferred working arrangement to prospective employers.

At the top of your resume, where you typically list your name, contact number, email, and general location—avoiding the inclusion of your full address as it's considered outdated—add a note about your openness to different work setups. For example, you could include a phrase such as "open to remote, hybrid, on-site, willing to relocate" to specify your flexibility.

Stefanie Fackrell, a seasoned HR consultant who has worked with companies like Google and Nvidia, emphasizes the clarity this adds to your application, particularly when job listings are ambiguous. Some roles advertised as 'remote' may only allow working remotely from specific states, and not all job descriptions may be clear on location requirements. By stating your preferences, you help recruiters understand your application better, particularly if you are applying from a different state or for roles with specific location needs.

Including such preferences does not guarantee employment but can aid recruiters by reducing initial queries and simplifying the early stages of the hiring process. This proactive approach can be particularly beneficial when applying for positions across state lines, ensuring that expectations are managed from both ends from the outset.  

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