A Bunch Of Simple Side Hustles That Can Get You Around $1,000 Per Month

 A WSJ visualization of NielsenIQ data shows how a $100 grocery bill in the US has increased by nearly one-third over the past five years.

A $100 grocery basket from 2019 is now worth $136.89, with items like cooking oil, beef, fruit snacks, and applesauce seeing more than 50 percent increases. However, they also found that items like bacon, tilapia, and assorted bagels have dipped in price over the same period.

price of groceries inflation

While everyone is definitely feeling the pinch, there are some things you can do to make some extra income, whether that's gig work or seasonal temp jobs. Redditor u/GothamKnight3 asked netizens realistic ways of adding "$300-$1000 per month" in addition to working day jobs, and here's what people advised.

Also, before you do take the plunge, make sure that you won't run into any potential conflicts with your current employer, about non-competes and other things.

People need drivers, especially dealerships with a lot of vehicles

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Elder care is an option that also greatly benefits the customers, but it's no joke

Donating plasma isn't for everybody, so make sure you’re doing some extra due diligence

Service industry jobs are grueling, but can be steady

Younger folks can try being ambassadors, just make sure you're not hawking snake oil

Pets need sitters, and walkers, too

Become a notary

With a little research and investment, look into a niche market

Teach, tutor others or sell your skills; or become a referee/umpire

Become a guinea pig

Go indie in a gig economy world, Friday nights are still lit

Live in the suburbs? Get on their lawn

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