I was laid off after 25 years of working my way up in the insurance industry. It was the best thing to happen to me.


 From what you've shared, it's evident that your career journey has been filled with significant experiences and challenges. Starting in Des Moines, Iowa, you entered the insurance industry and set ambitious goals for yourself, which you consistently met and exceeded. You navigated through various corporate changes and promotions, finding success within the structured corporate environment, despite the bureaucracy and challenges.

The turning point in your life came when your corporate role was unexpectedly eliminated. It prompted you to re-evaluate your priorities and consider alternative paths. The experience of a trip to California and the subsequent empty nest phase, coupled with personal health struggles, ignited a shift in your perspective and priorities. It led you to recognize the need for greater self-care and exploration beyond your corporate role.

The loss of your corporate position became a catalyst for embracing a new destiny. You felt compelled to share your experiences and knowledge to normalize conversations around mental health, life transitions, and the impact of unexpected challenges like job loss. This desire to contribute positively to others' experiences and the newfound sense of freedom and connection in California propelled you towards entrepreneurship and a whole new way of living.

Your skills and academic credentials have supported your transition, and the move to California has proven to be the best decision for both you and your family. This transformative journey illustrates the power of resilience, self-discovery, and embracing new opportunities.  

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